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Oh So Close….But Neon Slipped Away

I must admit, I am a fan of slipstream writing. It allows you to play with your imagination, to twist and turn it into places you never thought possible.

So I submitted a rather dark, slipstream piece to Neon Magazine, which loves such stuff. I was actually wondering myself if they would publish it. There is nothing graphic about it, except by implication, but it’s one of my stories I’d rather my parents didn’t read.

So I submitted in early May, and although it wasn’t accepted, I did get a nice personalised note from the editor, Krishan Coupland, telling me “your submission was kept back for a second reading. Even though it wasn’t quite right in the end, I’d like you to know that it was a tough decision.”

I really respect Krishan’s note because it was so encouraging. I’d much rather hear a “nearly there” than radio silence. So, respect to Krishan… and oh yes, I will be submitting again in future.

What are the nicest “not quite”s you’ve received?

2 thoughts on “Oh So Close….But Neon Slipped Away

  1. Seeing as how the modern-day rejection is generally “crickets,” I know exactly what you mean when you get a note from an editor that says, “We liked it, but it wasn’t quite a fit for us. Thanks and please send us something else.” It’s definitely a sign of respect that the editor took the time to write you. I would definitely send them something else. Good luck to you. Scott

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