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Want to Know What It’s Like to Be Two Different Writers?

Did you know that I’m two people? Not like Jekyll and Hyde or something, although that might be fun…

I actually have two pen names, because I am two totally different writers. While “B.B. Fitton” writes short stories, literary fiction and is struggling to finish her novels, there is another writer inside me who has already written several successful books and hundreds of articles.instantwisdomtiny

“Beth Burgess” writes self-help books, as she’s a therapist. One of her books has won an award, and another became a Kindle Bestseller on both Amazon and in the month following its release.

Funnily enough, these two personalities write in exactly the same way: with the curtains closed and a gallon of coffee. They have the same editing processes, by-and-large, again involving vast amounts of caffeine.

However, Fitton is learning that she can’t be a total “pantser” if she wants to finish her novels properly, while “pantsing” gets her by just fine when she’s writing self-help. Burgess is totally into self-publishing where need be, while Fitton desperately wants to be traditionally published.

Fitton and Burgess sometimes argue about what to read, so there is a big stack of books by the bed to keep them both happy.

Although these writers have very different voices, they are both concerned with similar themes: the human psyche, psychology, social justice, and the human struggle in all its forms.

Of course, there is a lot of Fitton in Burgess and vice versa. But if you’d be interested in meeting Burgess, learning about what she reads, how she writes, and how she tries to refrain from writing about football, she’s done an interview for The Writing Greyhound, which you can read here.

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