BBFittonB.B. Fitton is a caffeine fiend living in London, England, who moonlights as an international freelance writer.

She has had fiction published by Litro magazine and creative non-fiction published by New Statesman. Her writing has also appeared in The Big Issue magazine and been published by the Royal Society of the Arts.

She studied English Literature and German at University College London and Freie Universitat, Berlin.

She loves Camus and hates word counts. If she could live in a house built of Kafka novels, she would (while enjoying the Kafkaesqueness of her home).

B.B. Fitton is her fiction pen name, as she has already gained a reputation as a psychotherapist for her non-fiction books and articles.

Her heart is the same, whether writing fiction or non-fiction; she enjoys investigating the psyche, social issues, justice, humanity, and seeming strangeness in all its forms.

She has lived an ‘interesting’ life to put it politely and has plenty of experience to inform her work, as well as an imagination and brain that never stops ticking. Yes, there is a notepad by the bed.

If you’d like to find out more about all aspects of B.B.’s life, visit her personal website, which tells you everything that’s happening in her world that she has the has time and inclination to tell you about.

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